Self-Defense Workshop

By Quest University Students' Association (QUSA) (other events)

Tuesday, April 9 2019 4:30 PM 5:45 PM

QUSA would like to invite all women-aligned, trans, and non-binary students to a self-defence workshop on April 9th at 4:30- 5:45 PM. The self-defence workshop will be offered for up to 20 students and the class will be 1 hour long.

QUSA ministers, Rikki Logan (Minister of Recreation), Adrienne Gomes (Minister of Health & Wellness), and Anna Carlson-Ziegler (Minister of External Affairs) will be subsidizing tickets in order to provide accessibility. After subsidization, tickets are a total of $5 per person (an original price of $17 per person).

Description of the workshop from Elements Academy:

“Self-Defence at Elements Academy is a comprehensive system of simple and realistic self-defence techniques that are highly useful and effective. Our instruction prioritizes skill rather than strength to immobilize and subdue an aggressor while minimizing danger and damage to yourself. We simulate scenarios from standing and ground positions that include grabs and holds from behind, take-downs, and common chokes. Feel confident that the skills you learn with us will make you a prepared, more empowered, formidable [person]”


Mailing Address

3200 University Blvd