Our_Futures Academic Conference

By Quest University Students' Association (QUSA) (other events)

Saturday, March 30 2019 8:30 AM 9:30 PM

Our_Futures is an interdisciplinary undergraduate academic conference hosted at Quest University Canada. The aim of Our_Futures is to promote and increase the accessibility of interdisciplinary undergraduate research.  

Every year, we invite undergraduate students to contribute to a conversation about a set of topics that are shaping our time and that will likely be among key topics for the future. This year, we are seeking paper submissions concerning Our_Communities, Our_Experiences, Our_Minds, Our_Bodies, Our_Planet and Our_Cosmos.

Authors of the papers selected by our peer-reviewers will receive the opportunity to present their paper at the conference. Their presentation will be accompanied by keynote presentations by speakers from various academic disciplines, hailing to Quest from universities from across the world.

Mailing Address

3200 University Blvd